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Question: What takes two adults, two smart phones, one phone app, one laptop, google translator, and 1.5 hrs to accomplish?
Answer: Ordering Korean delivery food from a place 10 minutes walking distance from our house.

Question: What items should not be on a pizza?
Answer: Quesadillas (all flavors), sweet potato, mayo, “Deutsche” sausage, and potatoes and/or french fries.
After an extensive google search we discovered a food delivery app called “Yogiyo.” Problem: it’s entirely in Korean. We could figure out the food okay, but what took us forever to figure out was our neighborhood and address. Running the page through google translator we apparently live in the city of “Cod” in the “Western Europe” area. Wrong and wrong. After trying all the various options I was able to finally locate our neighborhood. Next problem: what the hell is our Korean address? We knew our Romanized Korean address but to get the delivery to come we had to enter our address in Korean. And btw, addresses in Korean aren’t like in the US — our address does not have a street name or zip code. Just our apartment building number, area number (?), neighborhood, and city.

Long story short, we successfully ordered a box of chicken and some wedge cut fries (known as “Mexican fries”). Boy were we ever happy, excited, and mostly relieved when our doorbell rang and the food was delivered. Success never tasted so sweet.

We are still hesitant to order Korean style pizza. Koreans seem to like things sweet. Like we had some cheese pizza recently and it tasted kind of sugary. And lets not get started on corn making an appearance on every single pizza topping. Koreans also feel the need to stuff the crusts of pizza — like with cream cheese and jam — in addition to the savory toppings already on the pizza. Even chains we recognize — like Dominos and Pizza Hut — does this. For now, we are steering clear, although I must confess I’m a bit curious. Maybe it will be delicious one night when we have had a bit too much to drink.

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