^^not shown:Β rufus and max doing yoga with me^^

I promised myself that when April rolled around (as Jan-Mar were spent procrastinating) I would get back into practicing yoga on a daily basis. I have been practicing yoga with varying levels of commitment since I was a teenager — sometimes I’m really gung-ho and then sometimes I won’t do it for months. I have dabbled in many different yoga styles (my fave is bikram) and over the years have really come to love the practice of yoga and how it has really taught me to focus on being in the present.My first few days back in the yoga saddle were eye-opening: I’m not as flexible, strong, focused or zen-like as I once envisioned myself to be. It’s frustrating how much I suck. I have watchedΒ this video like a million times to keep motivating myself.

Coincidentally I discovered a yoga challenge on instagram called #yogafools. The poses are kind of on the insanely advanced level (are all yoginis former gymnasts or something?) but it’s kind of nice to have a challenge — because some of these poses are like wtf — and it’s nice to be sort of connected in this weird world of social media with one other.

Someday I’ll be doing scorpion pose, no problem, right?

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