yahoo astrology sucks

further proof that whoever writes this drivel is on crack:

Well, well, well — Valentine’s Day comes a little bit early for you this month! Early, like the 3rd. So get ready! Because your feels-good, looks-good, smells-good brand of charm is going to attract a very special somebody who just can’t wait for the 14th. Toss out the calendar and toss a salad (with extra ‘love’ dressing?) for them the 4th. Now, that’s romantic! And healthier than chocolate! The 7th and 8th, you two have really gotten into a groove. You’re playing 20 questions, you’re playing Chutes and Ladders, you’re playing Twister … alone in their apartment! Wow! And the best thing about it is, whether you’re standing up or falling down, everybody wins! How does it feel to let go of that nasty old fear of losing, anyway? All month long, it’s going to seem like everybody’s playing your song! Hope happiness doesn’t bore you, because it’s more of the same the 14th through the 18th. Things slow down (as they must — who could sustain all that heat??) by the 21st and 22nd, but that’s fine with you — absence really does make the heart grow fonder. You realize this once you and your honeybun reunite on the 25th.

If anyone can decipher this, please let me know. It made my head spin just reading the first 2 sentences.

love dressing??????

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