working woman

its been a long, frustrating, and at times, a hopeless journey. But…I accepted a job today, and I couldnt be happier. Its a job I wanted, something I didn’t think I could get…and I did.

Being laid off after struggling so fucking hard to find that job, after being lied to, after I was told I was “part of the family” was one of the worst experiences of my life. Meeting scb-def one of the highlights.

dont know what I would have done without scb as my constant support system, and as my number one fan. He doesnt understand a thing about design, but he was always there to push me. One time scb overlooked a job I was applying for and asked me why I was trying for that job. I told him it sounded okay, i liked the company, i could do it. Scb told me, “fuck that, you’re way too talented to take that job.”

every time I questioned my ability, he would tell me not to get discouraged.

I had a million doubts about this job–mainly on my side. Were they going to like me? could i do it? what if they didnt like me, and then i came all this way for nothing. To prepare for the interview, scb grilled me for days on questions–both to ask and to answer. And then he told me that I was perfect for the job, that they would see that, that my passion would come through, and that I would undoubtedly get the job. I def had my doubts, but I fed off of his confidence in me.

Its an amazing feeling to have someone who supports you *that much* pushing you along, not just pushing you for the sake of pushing you, but scb pushed me to really go after what i wanted and to never settle for *just okay*

i feel like i can finally take a deep breath now and just live life.

a lot of people supported and helped me along the way, but it was scb who helped me keep my sanity. Don’t know what I would have done without him.

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