Wine, Friends, Next Chapters

N + JN + J

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N + J

^^BFFs. Affirmative^^

N + JN + J

We met Nate and Joy at a friend’s Halloween party not long after re-locating to the East Coast. Sly was dressed up like the Crow, I was dressed up like Blossom, Joy was a character from Harry Potter, and Nate came as Superman. Despite this, or maybe because of the ridiculousness of it, we all hit it off right away and they have since become drinking buddies, fellow gluttons, future cat lovers (c’mon Nate, you know you love them) and most importantly, friends.

DC is such a transient town, especially if you know friends that work for the government – every three years people rotate in or out, off to new jobs and new locations. For their send-off we took Nate and Joy to local winery. We had a picnic, drank lots of wine, tried to prevent our umbrella from blowing away, watched multiple games of cornhole played by drunk frat boys in salmon pants, and sang along to the solo guitarist playing 90s tunes. Afterward we went back to our place and drank Puerto Rican rum on our deck.

They say all roads lead back to DC (at least if you work for the gov) so hopefully one day our paths will cross yet again. If not, we have a plan: a hippie commune somewhere out West (place TBD) where Sly and I will live in our container home, Joy will garden and bake pies, Nate + Sly will make wine, and I will tend to all the animals — pigs, goats, horses, dogs, and lots and lots of cats.

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