What to do when your husband falls asleep early and you’re still wide awake in a hotel in Korea

Pasta! (with pickled Korean veg on the side) #daegu #korea #koreanfood #onthetable #pasta #banchan

^^ What we ate tonight from a little Italian place nearby. No wonder Sly is fast asleep. ^^

Eat a chocolate chip cookie.
Watch this. Then this. Then this. (Slowly drifting down the rabbit hole…) Then this to lighten the mood.
Read old blog posts from waaaaaay back when and wonder how the hell is it possible that I’m a worse writer now than I was then. I’m like the Benjamin Button of writers. I’m not looking for affirmation, just an observation.
Google campsites in Korea.
Google places a train ride away where we can take an overnight trip.
Look wistfully at photos of my kitties on my phone. Pictures I took yesterday.
Contemplate eating another cookie.
Or maybe just a piece of fruit.
Or maybe a cookie.
Wish I had some sour cream and onion kettle chips.
Decide I’m really just thirsty and make a cup of tea instead.
Flip through the English-speaking channels. My choices: Ultimate Airport Dubai Season Two (there were two seasons?), American Ninja Warrior, American Idol, Total Blackout (this show is kind of awesome), Meat vs Veg (spoiler alert: meat always wins), Face Off, My Kitchen Rules, or Rachel Zoe Project. Except for Ninja Warrior and American Idol, I have never heard or watched any of these shows. With all these options the sad truth is that I just want to watch MTV. In English. But not off the computer. Pathetic, I know.
Make a list of things I need to buy at Daiso (badass dollar store)
Attempt to read a book. Get restless.
Open the window. Close the window. Am I hot? Am I cold?
Wonder why the stupid bed sheets don’t fit the bed.
Sadly, I’ve already seen this episode
Try to do something productive
End up messing around with photos and blogging instead

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  • Kevin
    February 12, 2015 at 1:28 pm

    Set up new O den.