well this is pretty nice

been trying to figure out my upcoming holiday schedule with family, friends, weddings, and NG…blah…this is why i hate the holidays. Halloween is the only “holiday” that lets you really enjoy the day, the surroundings, the changing weather, the season. Everything else is rush rush rush no substance.

But I digress.

I have a longer post (among many backed up posts that no longer seem relevent) of my time spent working remotely in dc. Mainly, we had a major fight/discussion. But I’ll get to that later.

2 things I wanted to mention before passing out tonight–which is gayer/sweeter/awww-worthier:

1. I am obsessed with pinkberry–the froyo for trendsters. I heard about it on MTV’s The Hills, ate it in NYC, and then found a comparable place to eat it in DC. NG took me there just about every day bc I loved it so much. Once, I went back for seconds. After about my 10th serving I recognized that the yogurt flavor reminded me of greek yogurt. Convinced we could make it, NG bought a soft serve machine, yogurt, milk, etc and experimented with various recipes to make me my home-made pinkberry. His 3rd try was pretty successful. We’ve decided we (he) needs a better machine that can handle larger loads of ice cream with thicker ingredient contents. Anyway…it was sweet.

2. We were discussing my bday today for some reason (still need to book a hotel but nobody is helping πŸ™Β  ) and he told me that he had planned out what he wanted to do for my bday for a long time now, but since I told him I wanted to do a girls weekend in Miami that weekend, and hipster night the following weekend when he comes to visit, that it probably wouldn’t work and will have to do it another time. I asked him what it was. He said he wanted to buy me my dream camera as a gift and then take me to one of my favorite places (sea ranch) so I could take beautiful pictures with my gift. Sigh. Why can’t we still do that????? Hmph.

about to pass out…too much drama with other peoples’ love lives today. Work friends, other friends etc etc etc. Sometimes I crave a drama-filled romance because that’s what I’m used for and that’s what I think of as “love.” But mostly, I am finding that I enjoy knowing where I stand with the dude I’m dating and feeling secure about his feelings about me. It’s all a strange new world for me.

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