weird weekend

Friday sucked
Saturday was interesting
Sunday was relaxing

all that in 3 short days.

On Sunday, while strolling through the Haight, we stumbled onto several Tibetan shops (I guess hippies are into the Tibetan thing over the bong/tie dye thing these days). Anyway, at the end of Haight street, we stumbled into this one shop where they offer you tea and organic grapes (prob drugged) and ended up buying random hippie stuff. We also came up with an idea to turn our downstairs (basement) quarters into a sort of genies bottle/meditation room with a bunch of pillows on the floor and tapestries hanging on the ceiling/walls.

Our ideas now for the weird room (it has low ceilings, private entrance, minimal windows/natural light) include:

Tiki Bar
Work out room
Sports room
video game room
guest quarters
dark room
opium den
sound room/recording studio (for what?)
and now — genies room/meditation room

what to do, what to do.

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