weekend of errands

supposedly a huge storm was to blow in this past weekend…it was so so…nothing like the one that hit in january and knocked out trees/power for an entire day.

NG and I spent the weekend watching movie after movie after movie after movie, and doing errandy type things. Like shopping for new glasses for me

and cooking
and shopping

really not much else. We have become very boring.

sidenote–i decided a while ago to not attend a destination wedding of a once-friend, and I am relieved. Too much time and money to do something/go somewhere when you don’t really think that you could ever be long-term friends with the person. Since I already bought the tickets to the destination, however, I’ll still be going. Just going on my own terms as a vacation (no wedding). I think I’ll have a lot more fun this way. Lot less stressful. Lot less fake.

Editor’s note 11/7/15: said friend and I eventually reconciled…FIVE YEARS LATER! We both missed out on each other’s weddings as well as so many life events. If anyone is reading this and is in a similar situation — call up your friend. Life is too short to be so dramatic.

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