week 2

Its a little less overwhelming, even though I feel like there’s still a ton that I don’t know how to do. I guess I will learn soon enough, though.

I still feel very strange in my new role (although it’s starting to settle in a bit). Apparently, the way this company works is that there are larger design offices (like the SF one where I’m at), and smaller ones (like Sacramento). The smaller offices don’t necessarily have the same structure as the larger ones–meaning there’s oftentimes not a need for an in-house manager. Since this is the case, some of the mgrs at the larger offices serve as performance managers for the smaller ones.

There is discussion that I could potentially “get Portland,” meaning I could travel to and from SF. It could either be extremely overwhelming or kind of cool. I’m still undecided. I could also “get Sacramento” which would not be cool.

Right now, I’d just like to “get SF”

So far though, everything is pretty good…I will reserve judgement for a time when I feel a little more settled. It is odd to not really be doing production anymore (and even odder that they trust me to do this). A lot of times, when I ask a question, I receive this as a reply:

“you’re the manager. You can do what you want.”

Really? I’m still not sold on this mentality. I don’t want to be the kind of mgr that asks her team if they need anything, then leave at 5 regardless of their answer.

But like I said, ask me again in a couple of weeks. I could become a total sell-out by then.

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