Wedding Photobooth + Out Takes

harry potter themed wedding photobooth property brothers harry potter themed wedding photobooth we surprised my cousin by doing the harlem shake...ruined our 'costumes' beforehand... harry potter themed wedding photobooth

Even though we never met a photo booth we didn’t like, Sly and I were avoiding the booth at my cousin’s wedding because the line was looooong and people were taking a really long time with the props etc. Plus, we were really preoccupied with the mojitos and bacon-wrapped shrimp.

It was my mom (???) who finally convinced us to get our photos taken inside the photo booth. So we all stood in line, picked out the craziest props we could and crammed into the booth. The result: Disco Mom!

Of course we went back several times thereafter to take more “appropriate” Harry Potter photo booth photos, it being a Harry Potter themed reception and all. We also convinced my brother and my cousin’s cousin to take mirror image photos of the both of themselves inside the booth since they were basically twins: both half-asian, both same height, similar hairstyle, etc.

Towards the end of the night my cousin gave us a bag of ‘costumes’ consisting of masks of the bride and grooms’ faces and glitter crowns. We took it upon ourselves to further accentuate/mutilate the masks with flowers, straws, anything we could find. When it came time for us to surprise the bride and groom with the Harlem Shake ours were by far the most creative/ugliest masks on the dance floor. No problem finding us in the group shot…I’m sure there’s a video of us floating around on YouTube somewhere…


My cousin’s traditional Vietnamese Wedding + Harry Potter themed reception

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