dj and i spent the latter half of today whispering in my cube while secretly surfing the internet to find cruise deals. we know nothing about cruises, and are scared that we’ll be on a boat w/a bunch of senior citizens. We found a few packages that sound exciting and fun, and we both promised each other that we wouldn’t get in the other’s way, or for that matter, lean on one another too much. Im hoping that maybe i can convince another person (Bee) to join us b/c then it will be more party-like and less like weird couple on a cruise.

we spent a lot of time trying to think of stories about how we could both take time off work without it looking suspicious. heh. it was pretty funny, and only confirmed to me/us how we are “just friends.”

the remainder of the day, DJ and I booked tickets to various concerts. We are both fans of Erlend Oye, and since Kings of Convenience are coming to town…we thought, what the hell, lets go.

As for Vday, we had planned on going to dinner and then to interpol…but both shows were sold out. crap. we need a plan b.

Im actually not depressed about vday at all. I dont know why. Its kind of like that new yrs mentality // my theme for the year: no pressure. In other words, theres a freedom in knowing that I can just go out with my friends and have a good time, and not worry about making people happy or dealing with boy drama.

strangely, I don’t feel too bitter about it either. maybe next year Ill have a different sort of vday with a boy. but then again, maybe I won’t.

either way, I’m determined to have a good time. no pressure, of course.

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