YAY! Finally! We haven’t been able to travel much with all the moving, relocating, changing jobs, settling in, etc. We had this trip planned since January 2–when they open the reservations line for the season. In one day, everything books up.

Where are we going?

Bearpaw High Sierra Camp in the Sierra back country of Sequoia National Park.

What makes this place so hard to get is that theyre the only cabins available in the backcountry (the other option being that you have to backpack in all your gear). It’s in the backcountry, away from the mess of tourist driving through the park to see General Sherman’s tree, where you get to hike the more remote the most majestic views.

The most awesome perk of it all? The tent cabins come with a gourmet chef that cooks all the meals for the small cropping of tents (I believe there are anywhere from 6-10 tent cabins).

We’ll be spending the first 2 nights at Lodgepole (near the village) and then waking up bright and early the following day to hike the 11 miles to Bearpaw. Haven’t decided which hikes we’ll do from Bearpaw, but most likely Hamilton Lakes.

After 2 nights at bearpaw, we’ll hike back to base camp and make the long drive back home.

I’ve been doing a ton of research on this place, and Im guessing this trip will be the tip of the iceberg of many trips that we’ll make to this area. This will be the first time both NG and I will be testing out our new (and in my case, ultralight) backpacking gear. I’m curious to see how his military (ALICE) backpack will compare with my sub-2 pound pack.

If you haven’t guess, I have total workoritis. Can’t focus on work with trips on the brain!

editor’s note 3/7/2013: This is the video that I made from footage of our trip to Bearpaw

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