so…i guess we’ll be moving to noe after all. seems like the place is ours. deposit being sent tomorrow. now i can feel all sad and sentimental again. sigh.

have another potential date in the horizon. Im getting The Canadian to do some investigavtive work. He met some teacher in berkeley who he says was tall, white and dorky…and told really funny stories. yup, just the way i like it.

Frenchy asked me to marry him again this morning. actually his email went something like, “i saw a girl today who reminded me with you, and I fell in love. Will you marry me? We will go to ecuador.”

weird, huh?

hell week is almost over. looking forward to getting sloshed. Im contemplating bringing mimosas to work tomorrow.

Oh, and its DJs 31st bday today. I have to remember to call.

back to the grind…

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