We have an oakland agent we found thru yelp (so typical). True sf fashion she has fancy piercings, horn-rimmed glasses, and donates a portion of her commission to the environment. We hope its a good fit.

Another thing I forgot to mention about the area: several amtrak lines run right through.Out of sight/mind I have never even considered riding the amtrak to commute (less for me, more for NG), for short weekend trips, or even for long trips up the coast. Oddly enough, we had been talking about a train trip to Vancouver as a future trip we wanted to plan…

Gulp. Kinda nervous, kind of excited.

The other day, while standing in line outside of a union square ramen house in SF, surrounded by happy tourists, I turned to NG and said, “sometimes I wish I didn’t live here so I could remember what it was like to love and be excited about SF again the way these tourists probably do.”

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