we signed a lease on the place this afternoon. whew!!

NG’s first day of work and man was he spaced out afterwards. I understand its a long day, a long drive blah blah, but its not like I didn’t get up at the same time he did, work longer than he did, and on top of that, had to actually work today (not orientation) while coordinating with the landlady regarding the house.

when NG gets this way he gets super “starbursty” — thats when he shakes his hands a lot to emphasize his points. He also gets really rat-brained. If you’ve ever watched rats/rodents, you’ll know what I mean by this. It’s not really an insult as much as its an observation, but he’ll do something, and if you interrupt him doing something, he’ll just stop and stare to process the information. Then starburst. Then return to what he was previously doing, unable to comprehend the new info. Then, just like my dad, he’ll bark at me to be quiet for a second while he thinks.

After we signed the lease, I asked him to help me take down some furniture since goodwill is coming tomorrow. Boy did he ever stomp around and huff and puff. Eye roll. Recently, I came home exhausted, wanting to just lie down and go to bed, and I got the 3rd degree about how I was being “spacy.” Then we had to stay up until 3am, while still exhausted, to talk about it (or have him have what I call a discussional soliloquy –this is where he talks it out for himself more than me). I imagine that if I tried to pull that bullshit with him right now, he would be absolutely livid. I also imagine if I tried to be all kissy kissy with him, it would be ‘acceptable’ for him to say he “was tired.” Such a double standard.

Yes, I’m aware this is but 1 week of many and I’m already annoyed.

Suffice it to say, we are all very tired and stressed this week. I’ll be glad when the Great Move is over.

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