today, I convinced my coworker to come with me to talk with our new boss about how we saw our team taking shape. I drew up a super dinky excel spread sheet thing diagramming work flow, and then printed up the job description for my old boss’ job and stormed the director’s office.

it was crazy how eerily calm I sounded, almost as if I cared. I pleaded our case. Said this contractor guy was not ready for this position and seemed like he wouldn’t be happy in a lower position, and that I/we wanted to step up our game. Oddly enough, she found this “impressive.” Weird.

supposedly, the next step is that she will propose our proposal to HR and I guess they will say yes or no or who the fuck knows what they do. If they come to me with an offer, I really hope that they don’t short change me. If they offer me something, I hope its representative of the fact that they value what I have to offer. I have very little faith, but we’ll see.

I just like how my motivation for doing this stemmed not from my desire to be ambitious or take a more senior role or advance my career. My motivation came from the fact that I was damned sure I wasn’t going to let a little new-to-the-city-barely-any-experience-whipper-snapper take a job I was perfectly capable of doing. I am way too type-A for that. Like I said: not on my watch.

so. we’ll see. I feel a little more relieved now that its on the table.


In other Vday news: it was just another day to me. It’s actually a relief to not have to worry about dinners and gifts and being disappointed and all that other crap associated with today. I talked to my mom (she loved the flowers). I got a care package from my sister. I played with my cat. I did my laundry. I watched netflix. That’s better than like 95% of the Valentine’s Days I’ve experienced in my lifetime. Shrug.

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