Uh, ok.

A strange note about gymnastics class (at least I found this strange) — there are way more guys than girls. 75% dudes. 25% girls. Also strange is that the dudes are really good and the girls really suck (me included). Even stranger yet, I’d say 80% of the guys, if not more, are straight.


There is one guy who sucks as much as me, and by suck, we are actually beginners, not extreme snowboarders looking to improve our arial moves. In our second class, me, Shaggy, and my girl friend all were grouped together in the loser bunch. Shaggy looked around at the other people easily doing front handsprings, and asked, “is this a beginner class?”

It’s not like we are all BFF (I still stick to my friend A like glue), but since we do get grouped together, we do end up talking or laughing at each other falling. Or sometimes we get paired together or have to share an apparatus.

Anyway, at the end of class yesterday, he came up to me and said, “has anyone ever told you you look like an actress?”

“Um…I guess…I get Shannon Dougherty or Angelina Jolie. (Shannon I can maybe see, although I’m not exactly happy about that, Angelina is a major stretch. I’ve also received Jessica Alba and Tia Carrere. The only commonality I have w/any of these actresses is that we are somewhat ethnic looking and we have brown hair)

“Have you heard of Summer Glau,” Shaggy asked.
“Summer Glau”
“Summer who?”
“Look her up — G-L-A-U — you look just like her. I think you’ll find she’s much better than Shannon Dougherty.

This morning I googled her image

Um…I guess? Brown hair? Check. Questionable ethnicity? Check.

This was just casual conversation between 2 people in the same gym class, right?

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