saw bridget jones — edge of reason w/R at Metreon. It was a free screening and we were on the guest list, thanks to D.

I liked the movie, even if it was what i expected. Lots of funny/embarrassing moments, and lots of times when i sighed deeply the way I am now thinking about the movie. SIGH. I want a guy like Colin Firth. But I end up going out with the Hugh Grants. It makes me wonder if I would ever realize a Colin-type if one were to ever enter my life, or if I would just write him off immediately. Doubtful. Colin’s character IS tall, after all.

R and I discussed how her friend met this fantastic guy on and I said that it seems as if it doesnt matter where you look–fate is fate. luck is luck. As I was talking, I turned to my right and accidentally made eye contact w/the scruffy peanut driving in a graffitied pickup truck laden w/about 9 tons of cardboard boxes.


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