Thursday = Date night

or at least for us it does. Usually date night amounts to the usual dinner and a movie. Or dinner and dessert. The point is, as much as I love being at the new, stress-free house with the tranquil garden and Pet Cemetery cat (ok the cats not getting along is not great, but its getting better), we aren’t dead yet. One of the best things about having a bf is exploring w/him. Which is kind of what Thursday has become. Or to put it in layman’s terms–date night.

First date night: Dinner + Movie
We ate at Kitchen Kura — a little Japanese restaurant in Sunset that serves okinamiyake (or however its spelled), nanban chicken (SO GOOD), butterfish, and these awesome tofu puffs. Everything was pretty tasty–reminded me of Japanese Diner food or something. More than that, it was quiet, quaint, and low key. Definitely not a trendster place to visit.

We followed with Wall-E (loved it…it actually made my coal-heart soften just a little) at the 2-screen Balboa theatre.

I LOVE tiny old school theatres like that. Seeing a movie there just seems like a completely different experience.

2nd Date night:
Dinner at a homestyle cooking Korean place, which was excellent. Finally a place that serves more than just bbq! (MM and JJ Im taking you here when you come visit next). We skipped a movie, and instead picked up some mango mochi from this place I call “Temptations.” It’s a Taiwanese (?)-style dessert place that is actually called “Creations.” For whatever reason, I have my dad’s tendency to get names of places messed up and have referred to this place for the longest time as “Temptations” until everyone around me started to adopt the name as well.

Tomorrow’s thursday…I think we’re going to see The Dark Night on Imax. And then maybe German food. Mmmm.

We also have Sushi every monday–“Sushi Mondays” as we call it (very creative). I know, an expensive habit. We justify it by the money we save by taking our lunch to work pretty much every day.

Yes, I admit it. We have a joint Costco card. This is the beginning of the end.

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