this will have to be quick

no internet connection for a while (thanks a bunch, yum yum). Currently at library hoping that i can finish this in 5 minutes.

Prime Time Weekend w/scb went as follows:
quick synopsis:

friday=double date (bleyyecch) followed by ice skating and drinks.

saturday=saw advance screening of LOTR (awesome!!) Unfortunately, turned into a debaucle whereby i couldnt get scb in, even though I told him that I could. Met up later. Planned on just chilling. Ended up hanging out w/party animal/coke sniffer roomies (nice guys though, way too fratty). SCB got in first fight. We made up. I stayed at his place.

Sunday=dickensfair w/beatnik. he kissed me on cheek. eeeek. Zakk called to tease me. met up at midnight w/scb to watch trista and ryans wedding. he fell asleep in like 3 minutes. heh. but he DID come over. told me, “actually, I just wanted to be w/you tonight.” gay.

internet time is slipping away.
more later…

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