Their first vet visit together

And Pandora’s second time ever (??) to the vet. Pandora is 4-5 years old, although every time Sly is asked how old she is, he says 3. Three years old is impossible, since Sabine is 3 and a younger cat than Pandora. Anyway, I digress. Boys are not good with doing routine responsibilities like taking cats to the vet.

We purchased 2 new pop open carriers for 3 reasons: cheap, light, had a shoulder strap. The other option I was seriously considering was a pet stroller with 2 separate carriers.

Luckily, I was talked out of it.

I rushed home early, stuffed the 2 cats into their carriers (sabine was meow-crying the entire time, Pandora was quiet with large eyes) and took them drove several blocks to the vet. Sabine calmed down while in the car after I opened the top of the carrier and started petting her head. She switched her body around so she could press her head into my hand. Pandora remained staring at us, wide-eyed.

As we neared the vet, they started to suspect foul play. Both of them started meowing really loudly. As we waited for the crosswalk to indicate walk, a lady came up beside us and felt the need to comment on our meowing cats. We continued walking. At the hospital, Pandora continued to meow, while Sabine was silent. I opened her carrier a little bit and let her head pop out. The moment she emerged, everyone in the pet hospital stared at her and wanted to pet her. Poor Sabine got man-handled by a kid that doesnt know how to pet cats, but she put up with it fairly well. I should mention that we had a towel over Pandora’s cage, since she has a tendency to freak out when seeing other animals.

After waiting in our private exam room for a little while, Dr. Gordon came in to do the exam. Pandora was first up to bat. Dr. G removed her from her carrier with no incident. Then he started inspecting her teeth. Pandora went ballistic, wriggling around, yelling, hissing, trying to bite his hand, giving us her best impersonation of a cobra.

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