the ultimate party

so i have this plan for the ultimate party–

it will take place in our new place–the barn–since we have 2 levels and 2 decks. It will be a heaven and hell party.

Upstairs will be heaven (of course), complete with cold beverages and heavenly drinks and desserts. Downstairs, there will be a grill fired up with hot n spicy foods – all the things that are bad for you. Attire will be consistent with the theme. Either you dress as if you are in heaven or as if you belong in hell.

DJ has already volunteered to spin in “hell” and last night, I secured J-dog as the dj for “Heaven.” I mean, how fucking cool does that sound? 2 floors. 2 djs. we should charge admission.

I, of course, will revive my Paris Hilton ensemble from last night. Not sure which floor would best fit me though…


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