the marrieds

On Thurs, our entire team went out for drinks at Pier 23. We only went b/c it was on the company’s tab (the only thing ever–gotta take advantage)As expected, the married people on our team either left early (approx 30 minutes after arriving), or had to arrive with their husbands.

What is it about married people that they cannot function on their own. It happens all the time. If we’re having some kind of girls’ night out w/a married person, they have to call and “check in” like 9 times during the evening. On my immediate team, there are only 2 people who are married–Miss M and my mgr. My mgr took the day off/”worked” from home, and Miss M frantically called her hubby until he arrived, only to leave 15 min later when she confirmed he was ready to go. I cannot fucking stand it when one half of a couple is out having a good time with friends, and the other half arrives and acts disinterested, prompting their partner to want to leave.

Yesterday was DJ’s going away party. For weeks, we planned to go to Rainforest cafe to say goodbye. I don’t even know why I allowed myself to think this was even a possibility for them. I have been disappointed in people before, but I truly lost a lot of respect for these 2. The plan was to meet at 4. When I went to see if they were coming, I was confronted with multiple excuses, and then finally when I tried to accommodate them, they finally agreed to coming. Miss M absolutely terrible–making up all these excuses as if Im some fucking idiot. First it was that she had to work late (I told her we didnt need what I asked for until later). Then it was that she was so tired. Then it was that she had company over. I was like, for fucks sake, all you have to do is drop by for 15 minutes. 15 fucking minutes. Finally, she agreed to joining us–with her husband in tow, of course. Naturally, she never showed.

My manager–who has never had lunch or gone out with us, who dissed the bulldog on his birthday even though she promised–is the most perplexing one ever. she was the one who WANTED to go out for drinks etc with DJ. Shes the one who made the appt and told me to push the reservations back until she was able to leave from work. Two things I dont buy: 1. no manager or above is EVER at work on Friday, nor do they ever do work, so thats bs. and 2. I dont think that she ever intended on showing, which is totally fucked up.

Needless to say, neither showed, and i know in their heads, they justified it somehow, but I just find that totally fake.

I know that not *all* marrieds are that way, but its pretty true to form. Married people are more self-involved in themselves and their lives than the average person, and its so annoying. Then they wake up ate 45 and wonder where the hell all their friends went. Its so weak.

I dont know why this bothers me so much, except that it really does, and it was really disappointing. Zakk says its just a normal thing, and that even if you tell people, they dont want to hear it anyway. Fuck that. If that happens to me, please tell me. Im going on record as saying that if I ever become so lame as to pull a stunt like those two, then anyone who reads this has full license to call me on it. I never never never want to be that way.

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