The Land Of The Morning Calm

The sun rises here around 7:30ish am? Guess I can get up at a normal time to watch a sunrise now. #sunrise #seoul #southkorea #korea #sunrise #skyporn #dragonhill

We made it to South Korea!

And we are still both jet lagged!

Despite our best attempts at staying awake throughout our 15 hr plane ride we still find ourselves falling asleep at 5pm and waking up at 2am – wide awake and ready to start the day. It’s dead silent, nothing is open, and the strangest (English language) shows are on TV — like college football reruns and WWF wrestling matches and B movies like Burlesque. We try our best to go back to sleep but inevitably wake up a few hours later around 5am. The first time this happened I expected the sunrise to be right around the corner only to find out that the sun rises much later in the morning here — 7:45 or so. No wonder the coffee shops don’t seem to open until 10am.

Since arriving a couple days ago our days have been a flurry of administrative stuff — filling out forms and sitting in line to get appropriate documents — meeting Sly’s boss and teammates, and most importantly, trying to get the kitties settled in, which has gone well for the most part but still has been/is the most stressful part of our move.

I won’t bore with the details but suffice it to say between the jet lag, the mysterious rising of the sun at 7:45am, and all the admin stuff inbetween, we haven’t had much of a chance to explore outside of our mini-Vegas-style American hotel. In fact, our first meal was at Subway (yes, the same one found in the states), which we ate at because it was a)open b)located w/in the hotel c)easy.  Mostly C.

We — me, Sly, and the kitties — are slowly easing into life here. Right now it doesn’t feel that much different than back home. I don’t really feel all that far away, even though I know I am. But I’m sure that will change soon enough.

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