the gift that keeps on giving

A couple weeks ago (in cahoots with The Canadian), I purchased a Wii for NG as a surprise. In SF, things like a wii, are hard, if not impossible, to come by, so The Canadian monitored Amazon, while I waited patiently with credit card in hand. First 2 times, I screwed it up. Final time I tried, I had the sucker in my cart, credit card info already punched in…and when I put ‘submit’…I was told the stupid thing was no longer in stock.

Long story short, approximately 6 months later, with the Canadian’s help, we finally had a wii in our hot little hands. NG was completely confused and surprised by the gift.

But what makes the gift even better is the unexpected benefit that I am getting from it. Because NG loves ‘relaxing’ after work by playing hours and hours of video games, I have been able to read, guilt-free, and still feel as if we are “spending time together.”

Ever since I got the wii, I’ve been able to read 4 books. I love it. Thank you, Wii.

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