the date

Oh god where do I start.

Abbreviated version of the date is as follows:

Met up at neiborhood bar.
Had drinks.
Stayed out until 1am (5 hrs later)

Totally busted his balls (did we expect anything less)?
He was totally nervous and wringing his hands out of nervousness. Looked like a 12 yr old boy. I think its kind of endearing that he was nervous, but I also felt that he was trying hard to not seem this way, and thus was not as relaxed as I would like.

For the majority of the night, he had a constant look of puzzlement on his face as I was unable to contain my laughter when he told me various things. Like how this one girl never called him back. I have no idea why that was funny, but I think it was the delivery of the statement–very straightforward with a tinge of confusion. He was even more confused when I started laughing. Picture it, I’m laughing uncontrollably like a crazy lady, and hes just staring at me confused why Im so amused.

All in all, i wouldnt say it was a bad date, but it wasnt a mind-blowing date either. I thought he was nice, but I couldnt really guage if he had southern style manners. The good this is, I wasn’t annoyed by him. That’s def a start. The bad is that I wasn’t necessarily compelled to action either. It was a stalemate, I guess.

He walked me to the end of the street, where he caught a cab, and I walked home. Very fucking awkward. I really could not tell what he was thinking, and Im sure the same was for him. Almost uncharacteristically, he said, “I think you are a very interesting person, and I am a little taken off guard by you…so I would like to see you again.” My response: Well, who says *I* want to see YOU again?’ Him=puzzled face.

I said I would consider going out w/him on the condition that he a)planned the next date b)it was out of his comfort zone c)he submitted this proposal for my review. I dont know where I got off saying this, but I also said, “choose wisely b/c your future might depend on it.” I mean, wtf is wrong with me? Again, he didnt seem too shocked, and at this point, not too puzzled. He asked for my phone number and I said that I dont give out my phone. “how do I get in contact with you, ” he asked. “How do you get in contact w/me now?” I responded.

So he hailed a cab. I thanked him for drinks. And that was it. He didnt even try to make a move all night, or for that matter, try anything. Thats kind of weird, but kind of good. Weird bc is he even attracted to me or what? Good bc I dont want anyone touching me that I dont know.

I guess this means theres a date 2? Although Im sure theres a good chance he will wake up today and be thinking, “omg, what the hell happened last night with that crazy lady.” Eh, we’ll see.

In the meantime, I think I have other dates to entertain…

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