The “5 year plan”

so here is the big plan, the big (and most recent) dream/cockamamie idea that has entered my/our heads:

NG lands job, moves to SF
I land job, stay in SF
We both stay at same apt to save on rent

Purchase one of these (they are not bad if bought used):

Houseboat in Sausalito

Cabin in Tahoe or somewhere remote. I’m also partial to a prefab house somewhere is West Texas where land is still cheap and nobody bothers you.

It will be interesting to see how things turn out. I remember my 5 yr plan written in my high school book. My prediction: Either I will be an architect (that never happened, and god how naive) or a homeless bum (more accurate). I forget what my 10yr plan was. I think it involved marriage.

But whether or not it happens, its still something to look forward to in the long unending weekday hours as I plug away on boring projects. Projects like redesigning check out buttons for google optimizers. Or redesigning UI on account pages. Very exciting stuff, let me tell you.

If not daydreaming, I always enjoy a good game of “Scramble” on facebook.

Editor’s Note 11/7/15:  In five years since writing this, Sly did indeed move to SF and we did move in together. Before we moved we seriously considered purchasing a house boat, but for a number of reasons we decided not to. We’re still working on the camper van/trailer/cabin dream…

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