thank god for date nights

date night 3/20 date night 3/20 date night 3/20

Another crappy week — though not as bad as last week — saved only by Thursday’s date night from which point the crap week became totally worth it. This date night was planned by yours truly: I bought half-price tickets via Goldstar to Penny Plain — one of the World Stages productions at the Kennedy Center.

After dealing with DC rush hour traffic as well as a crap day, we arrived and promptly purchased two plastic glasses of wine which we slurped down in a matter of minutes seeing as we just barely had enough time before the show to chill out on the terrace deck and watch the sunset over Georgetown. The view from the patio of the Kennedy Center has always been one of my favorites. Being on the terrace level was a first for me and damn, why didn’t I think to go up sooner? Way less people, even better view. A glass of wine and an awesome setting later and the week had already started to melt away.

As for the play — it was a puppet show! A darkly comical, dystopian, one-man puppet show that was really amazing to watch (a better description/review can be found here). I think the wine made us both a little tired and both a little confused about the plot at some points, but overall I was in awe. Little known fact: I have always wanted to be a puppeteer so I was super giddy with excitement to see this show.

After the show we originally planned to grab late night dinner at Founding Farmers. We did not make reservations as we were not sure when the play would be over but didn’t think it would be too hard to get seats at 10pm on a Thurs. Guess that was a mistake. When we arrived there was a long wait so we decided to come another time and hit up the nearby Shake Shack which was also packed. (Also, is it normal to take your toddler children out to eat at 10pm? Because we saw a lot of that going on.) Oh, City Life, these are the times I do not miss. But Oh Shake Shack, you are the next best thing to In-n-Out, and we were pretty happy the whole Founding Farmers thing fell through because burgers and cheese fries rounded out an awesome date night.

Prior to our revamping of date night we went out and had dates but usually it was more informal or coincidental. I mean for a long time we considered Bikram Yoga + Chipotle our long-standing date night (and it was a good one at that!)  We both love being homebodies so a lot of times our ‘dates’ would get put off in favor of spending an evening at home in pjs. But now that we are actually both taking part in planning “us” time it has become a total addiction. We are constantly seeking out new places to explore and new things to do together — not that we didn’t do this before — but we do it date night in our minds now. Anyway, it’s been really fun. And when you having a crappy week (or month) it really gives you something to look forward to — to focus on to get you through the week.

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