I sunk to a new low–came home last night. Ate a candy bar. Then slept for the rest of the evening until this morning. Awesome.

Today is what we at work call Grumpy Fridays. Its where we meet at a local bar/pub for hamburgers (turkey burgers in my case…yum!) and bloody mary’s before heading back to work. It has now escalated to the point where we drink at lunch, then meet up afterwards for happy hour. Such is the plan today. We drink way too much. Sadly, its really fun. Makes me feel like im in college or something. Ahh…gone are the days of running 10 miles to feel good. Now I just drink instead.

It also occurred to me that this week marks the year or so since scb and I broke up. I would like to commemorate June 1 as my liberation or something. Freedom day, perhaps. You know, I was thinking about him in passing the other day and it struck me–I thought to myself, OMG did we really date? Because it totally feels like it never happened. I mean I have a shitload of photos of him, of us, but no memories really of how I felt in those photos or of how he was. I have no idea who he is, and to be quite honest, I really dont care. Its truly weird. As if the time we spent together was really just some strange dream. Its so far away.

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