Take that

This morning, while it was still dark outside, and a windy 47 degrees, I woke up, dressed (although not warmly enough) and went on a run with my new running club. I’m still sort of testing the waters as Im the most inconsistent runner I know and tend to push myself too hard in the beginning, run a race, then say screw it.

I’m bringing up my lil running group for 2 reasons:
1. I actually met quite a few people. Some were elitist runner types, but others were really super cool. I talked to 2 guys (its crazy how social everyone is w/people they dont know). 1 guy was kind a little bit intense, but harmless. Another was pretty cute…He was even below my height standards, but very friendly and nice. Im sure hes either married or has a girlfriend b/c guys like him usually are/do. Oh well, I guess at least Im meeting people for friends or otherwise.

2. On scb’s last day here, when we had dinner together–we talked about my plans for the future; for SF. I don’t know how we discussed running, but he said, “I bet you couldn’t just get up right now and run 5 miles.” I said that I could out of pure stubborness and will. He seemed skeptical. I just wanted to point out that I more or less did just that today. I ran 4 miles cold. And I could have kept on going. So there.

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