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    Winter in Seoul

    seoul in winter

    Seoul in the winter: A brutal, bone-chilling beast. The kind of cold that attempts to freeze one’s eyes open and makes you feel as if your teeth will turn to icicles and make a nice clinking sound, like ice cubes dropping into a glass, as they shatter in your mouth.

    To illustrate: I wore a layer of leggings with knee-high socks pulled all the way up, and on top of that wore a pair of jeans, and on top of that a pair of boots. Three layers, two sets of gloves, one thick coat, a scarf wrapped all the way up to my eyes, and a beanie completed the ensemble. Within 15 minutes of walking outside I could no longer feel my legs. They were so frozen that even after returning to the warmth of our hotel room they remained ice-cold and numb for nearly an hour.
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