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    Snapshots of January

    daegu // january 2018

    I think I might be one of the rare few who loves winter. I love the cold weather. I love snow. I love the crispness of winter air. I love how beautiful everything looks dusted in white.

    This January was certainly one of the more frigid ones that I can recall since living in Daegu, though nothing compared to winter in Seoul. I kept wishing it would snow more – like really really snow — but it never did. The best we got was a couple inches overnight that froze the river and turned rooftops white.

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    Winter in Seoul

    Seoul in the winter: A brutal, bone-chilling beast. The kind of cold that attempts to freeze one's eyes open and it feel as if your teeth will turn to icicles and…

  • ETC

    a clean slate

    I am going to embrace this last snow day (it is the last one, right?) with opened arms. Play in the fluffy white snow with my curious kitties. And look at…

  • HOME


    But today we actually opened up all our windows and let the not-so-cold air flood in. We put the plants back outside and noticed that some were already starting to grow…

  • ETC

    Almost Friday

    Just in case you were thinking I was abnormally happy about loving the coming of Winter and being cold and all that -- there are a *few* downsides. It’s dark and…

  • ETC

    Winter is Coming

    The Cold is slowly seeping in. Frosty windshields. Covering plants at night. Wearing long johns and socks to bed. The kitties cozying up with us in bed every single night. The…