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    Snapshots | A Mini Video of Seoul

    Up until we left for Seoul over Valentine’s Day, I had been doing so well about keeping up with blogging. I even blogged while on the road! I was finally going to tackle one of the many backlogged travel posts that I have been meaning to get to for ages! And then, I don’t know what happened. I lost steam, lost interest, lost I don’t know what. The more days that passed, the less I felt like blogging. Maybe it was the weather (although I enjoy the winter months), maybe it was that everyone around me seemed to be in a total funk, or maybe I just needed a break.

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  • ETC

    Snapshots of Summer

    A few highlights from this past summer: We met up with an old friend and ate our way around Hong Kong. camped at a remote beach camp site, attended our first…

  • camping at malaekahana beach north shore oahu

    Oahu | Bits & Pieces

    A few more Hawaii photos that didn't quite fit anywhere else and/or that I didn't feel like devoting entire posts to and/or that I forgot about when sifting through my massive…

  • DAEGU KOREA Wildlife

    SNAPSHOTS OF | The Weekend

    The weather was awesome on Saturday -- one of those we-need-to-be-outside sort of days. We bought some coffee and walked along the river? stream? that runs beside our apartment building. The…


    SEOUL | Itaewon

    Before leaving Seoul we managed to explore the Itaewon district which was within walking distance from where we were staying. This area in particular is known for all the foreign restaurants…


    SNAPSHOTS OF | Halloween + Scary Movies

    Every Halloween 'season' I have the itch to watch scary movies, but since we have already seen so many of them it's hard to find newer, decent movies that aren't total…


    SNAPSHOTS OF | Houston

    Our days more or less followed the same routine: we woke up at 7am, drove to Starbucks (drive though!) for coffee, came home, ate a gourmet breakfast, sat around the table…

  • HOME


    But today we actually opened up all our windows and let the not-so-cold air flood in. We put the plants back outside and noticed that some were already starting to grow…

  • HOME


    Saturday. After waiting for you all week. After enduring a miserable Friday. Finally you were here. And even if it rained and rained and rained that was okay because we had…