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    Seoul | Seoul Museum of Art (SeMA)

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    As proof that I didn’t just eat during our last visit to Seoul (though that would be a fairly accurate description of my time there), here are some photos of an afternoon spent getting lost, going to the wrong museum, thinking I could still get to the museum I wanted to go to, roaming around clueless for another hour, then backtracking to the first museum and deciding it would have to do.

    In other words, I wanted to go to the National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art (MMCA) but ended up at the Seoul Museum of Art (SeMA). It seeeds like an easy enough place to find except for the fact that Google sucks in Korea. When I looked up the MMCA, it pulled up the correct photos, description, etc, BUT THE WRONG ADDRESS.  The address listed was for the SeMA. I should have just gone along with what was listed on the MMCA website, but since there were three MMCA branches as well as a bunch of other National museums of some sort in the same area as the SeMA, I got confused.

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