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    Seoul Eats | Cruffins at Mr. Holmes Bakehouse Korea

    seoul // mr. holmes bakehouse cruffin

    One of the final destinations on my culinary food tour of Seoul was the much coveted and overly-instagrammed bakery, Mr. Holmes Bakehouse. We just missed the cruffin craze when it hit SF a couple of years after we left and we never had the time (or patience) to wait in line to try one whenever we returned to visit, so when the first international Mr. Holmes Bakehouse opened in Seoul, I raised my eyebrows. Perhaps there would be cruffins in our future after all.

    The last time we were in Seoul we made our first attempt to obtain, and eat, the elusive cruffin. We had heard first-hand from several Seou-ites that the lines weren’t very long, and/or that there were oftentimes no lines at all, so we spent a good portion of our evening, traveling across town on a cruffin run. By the time we arrived, there were not only no cruffins to be found, but there were no consolation baked goods of any kind left to purchase. Before leaving, Sly asked if I wanted to at least take a photo in front of their stupid neon sign, but of course I didn’t. That would have been cheating. 

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