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    Notes | February in 10 Photos

    seoul tower

    February was filled with many sunny winter days spent walking, eating, and exploring, with jackets left unzipped and hats and gloves tucked away in bags, just in case. I’ve never been one to mind cold weather. It gives me an excuse to hole up indoors, drink my homemade tea lattes, and binge read with the kitties by my side.

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    Notes | January in 10 Photos

    It's hard to believe that the first couple of weeks of January were spent back in the States, while the latter half were spent here in Korea. It almost seems as…


    Happy Halloween!

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    Mr. Potato Head

    Sly left right after the New Year and flew back to California for some work training. I didn't tag along this time because I would rather save our money and travel…


    Snapshots From Another Lazy Weekend

    We spent another wonderfully lazy weekend at home in part because it was cut short by another work trip and also because we didn't want to do anything too crazy before…


    My Sweet Boys + A Few Links

    In the mornings and evenings it can get to be pretty chilly around here. We still keep our windows open but sometimes it gets so windy up on the 17th floor.…