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    Around This Time, Some Time Last Year

    last december

    I don’t mean to keep posting old photos but I can’t help it. Something about this season; this time of year. Every time I start updating my blog with more recent photos I get sucked right back into snapshots from a previous time, place, and life. These photos pop up like an old friend I haven’t seen in a while, and I cannot help myself but to stop and sit a while to revisit old memories. No wonder I never get around to posting photos until years after the fact.

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    Breakfast for Dinner

    This week my dinner menu consists of: cheese and crackers, lots of fruit, veggie breakfast burritos, smoothies, sweet potato hash topped with a fried egg, Sly's homemade brioche bread slathered in…


    SNAPSHOTS OF | Halloween + Scary Movies

    Every Halloween 'season' I have the itch to watch scary movies, but since we have already seen so many of them it's hard to find newer, decent movies that aren't total…

  • HOME

    Sun, Sep 07, 2014

    We had a lazy weekend. Catching up with chores. Organzing the pantry and finally our extensive spice collection. Running errands. Trips to the grocery store, the library,…


    Kitty Garden

    This past winter the kitties enjoyed an indoor garden when we had to bring all our potted plants indoors because of the weather. Max ate an heirloom rose that had been…


    Somewhat Weekly Garden Update

    Last year we decided we wanted to build a raised bed, so after tons of research we settled on building one out of cinder blocks. We chose this material/approach for a…


    Wild Hearts

    Friday was a particularly lovely Spring evening. I let the kitties outside and sat nearby, reading. It grew dark, I checked up on the kitties, all…


    Lazy weekend

    Not much to report from this weekend. Sly bought a bunch of cheese and salami as we were planning on having a picnic at our recently discovered winery on Friday or…