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    Snapshots | A Mini Video of Seoul

    During our trip to Seoul last February, I dusted off the 1SE app and made a quick video using functions that didn't exist a couple years ago. I tend to take…


    Happy Holidays!

    It’s been a bit quiet here on this blog with all that has been going on lately (traveling, visiting in-laws, another friend’s passing), but I thought I’d briefly stop by and…


    10 years

    I have been dreading today. I have written, deleted, and rewritten this post about a million times, but I have found that I don't know quite how to communicate what it…


    THEN + NOW | Hawaii

    The last time we were in Hawaii was in 2008. We rented a VW campervan and camped all around Oahu and Maui sleeping any place that would allow or at least…


    Starting Anew

    We will be the starting off this year with a lot of changes, the big one being that we are moving to South Korea in January. The past month was spent…