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    Follow up

    I just called our vet to schedule an appointment for Pandora and Max. The receptionist asked about Sabine. Silence. Choking back tears, I told her she passed away last week very suddenly. More silence. The receptionist told me in a quivering voice that everyone had wondered about Sabine since she left, and that the entire staff had been asking about her. She said they really loved her, and that she was such a beautiful and sweet cat. It was sweet to hear that they really cared for Sabine, but also made me super misty and choked up. It was a call I had been avoiding.


    sometimes, I can pretend it didn’t happen

    Or sometimes it seems like she’s still here, but hiding, or downstairs, or maybe even at someone else’s house, and I’ll see her sometime soon. But then I see something that…


    Things left behind

    Our house *feels* different now. The same home, same things, just different. As if I stepped into some parallel world where everything looks exactly the same, but doesn’t feel quite right.…


    3:28 am

    Sabine passed away at home in my arms less than three hours ago, with Sly holding her paw. She was exactly two months shy of her fifth birthday. I sang her…



    I didn’t sleep much last night. Every time Sabine woke up and rustled around, I also woke up to make sure she was getting what she needed — water, bathroom, whatever.…


    Home at last

    After 5 days of being hospitalized, Sabine is resting comfortably at home. The previous week, since around Valentine’s Day, Sabine was acting a little odd…nothing too alarming, but she was urinating…