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    I like how my guy friends see me as a dude. For example, how many times have I had them ask me to go shoot hoops or watch sports with them or something similarly guy-ish?

    recently,one of my guy friends asked me to vegas. At first, I thought it was with a group of our shared friends, but turns out its with his girl coworkers. I was like, “so essentially I’m your wingman?” He replied, “well, the problem is I dont know any guy friends, but I know you’d have fun and you like to drink, so…”

    I guess being a dude is better than being some fake priss.


    oh hells no

    so… with my mgr leaving, as well as the old director, not only have I had to put up w/a not-so-knowledgeable new director, but manage all of my boss’ projects AND…



    I haven’t been posting much since ive been occupying my free hours convincing myself to look for a new job. I hate my new boss. She is a complete and utter…



    every morning: wake up early. dick around on computer. am late for work. whatever. Im employee of the month. I figure they cant really fire me until february, right? boring update:…



    So today was weird. Its usually cold in the city, but not puffer-jacket cold. With scarf and jacket, I was still freezing as I waited for my fucking muni to arrive…it…



    first time running since september. It felt good to do something so simple and so familiar, altho my mind was wandering like crazy the entire time and at one point I…


    Year End Sum-up

    1. What did you do in 2006 that you’d never done before? Made a point to travel alone Scanned in and out for work (like punching in and out but w/a…



    i really hate christmas music. STOP PLAYING CHRISTMAS MUSIC!…


    today’s horoscope:

    Your sex appeal is second to none, allowing you to ensnare several victims into your web of intrigue. …