swimming hole

now that work has quieted down some, I can use my time to write. thank god. my bosses will be gone this week and next and i cant wait to chat all day and update all my blogs. that’s what managers do right? pass on the work to their subordinates so they can leave early and come in late and chat on the phone all day?

i kid, i kid. Im busy…blah blah same old drill.

Every sunday, my friend and I go swimming at this massive indoor pool that is part of the USF gym. Had i known this would be a mecca for meeting young dudes, I would have swam here earlier. Peppered in with the old dudes w/saggy shorts are a sprinkling of very eligible dudes who are not all too hard on the eyes. Also, the weird thing is, these dudes seem to be talkative–not at all like guys you meet in a bar who stare at you from afar, order a drink, whispers to his friend, then gives up and goes home.

My interaction the other week happened when I was standing on the edge of the pool adjusting my underwater mp3 player (freestyle audio is the best ive found)when this dude pops out of the pool. Hes blondish, scruffyish, short short hair, typical white dude I guess. Actually, what I noticed more about him was that he was breathing on both sides when he swam…but i digress…anyway, he popped out of the pool and hoisted his upper body on the ledge,

“that thing work?” points to my mp3 player
“um what?” is he talking to me?
“your mp3?”
“oh, ya this, its actually pretty cool” (I go on to explain the technical nerdiness of underwater mp3 players and how I came to choose this one)
“wow, thats really cool.” he lingers
“ya i like it”
“do you need to get in this lane?” He points to his lane indicating that I could share a lane with him if I wanted. I am confused, hesitate and say,
“no no, its cool, I’m with my friend” I then point over to the lane right next to his and at that moment the old annoying dude w/sagging shorts swims by.

Swimboy shrugged his shoulders, “okay, sure, no problem.” And then swam away.

Innocent, but interesting. Ive seen him from time to time on Sundays. I don’t instigate anything, of course. But remember when it really was that easy to, gulp, TALK to someone of the opposite sex? I miss that in people–men and women–in general. Its one of the hardest things about growing up and getting older. Life seems so locked in sometimes.

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