Lazy Sunday #catsofinstagram #Sunday #lazysunday #catsareamansbestfriend

We were up early for an 8am Bikram class (more on that later). Then back home, quick showers, and off to meet up with friends for soup dumplings. After a week of gray skies (literally and figuratively), single digit temperature (hello polar vortex), and freezing rain, today felt like a gift. Warmish and sunny. Like maybe we had seen the last of Winter.I love Winter. I love the cold. I love crappy weather. But honestly it has been getting to me lately, probably for many reasons other than just the weather. I’ve just beene feeling…blah.  Stress, not being able to spend as much time with my family over the holidays as I wanted to (and missing them a bunch since they have been gone), days that feel so short, stupid small-minded ridiculous people…I should just stop there.

But today we actually opened up all our windows and let the not-so-cold air flood in. We put the plants back outside and noticed that some were already starting to grow tiny beautiful bright green leaves. I put on some peep-toed shoes (and then quickly took them back off). We let the kitties outside and we lounged in the sunlight, reading and dreaming up things to cook for dinner (we decided on Korean).

We didn’t do much today, but it was the perfect Sunday. Just what I needed. Today gave me hope that Spring was just around the corner.

But Im not through with you, Winter, not just yet. We still have a few adventures up our sleeves. We still have a lot to be thankful for and a lot to look forward to.

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