Sun, Sep 07, 2014


We had a lazy weekend.  Catching up with chores. Organzing the pantry and finally our extensive spice collection.  Running errands.  Trips to the grocery store, the library,  and the cobbler. We poked around antique stores and discovered an awesome middle Eastern bakery. Sly stayed up late working on hobbies. Reading.  Daydreaming.  Creating more lists of things to get done, to tackle to explore.  Cleaning up my email. Planning for a capsule wardrobe. Washing cars and researching stereos. Buying sweatshirts.  Falling asleep on the couch watching Dr. Who surrounded by warm kitties. I made oatmeal chocolate chip cookies – now that our pantry is organized. We were mostly too lazy to cook and,  even after swearing off anything but lettuce and water,  we found ourselves eating out, trying new neighborhood places,  and eating bad stuff we don’t normally eat. It was so hot and then it rained really hard on Saturday evening.  The trees were bending as if touching their toes. We hunkered down and ate cookies and washed them down with mugs of hot tea.  Sly watched Dance Moms with me and I’m secretly happy to report he is on a first name basis with all the characters in the show.  We slept in,  something we never do. We window shopped. I got all dressed up in my leathery looking leggings and we went to Fuddruckers bc we hadn’t eaten a burger in forever and maybe we were sorta missing home the tiniest bit. There was a coolness to the air. A sign, like our weekend of getting things ready,  that the seasons were on the verge of handing off the baton. And I finally flipped the calendar to September.

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