Summer is going by so fast


We had a good weekend. We being me and NG.

Wednesday, when he arrived, we did our traditional Buffy and Sushi night. He bought me the dvd set a while ago, and it has been my mission to convert him to a buffy fan like myself (nerdy, but don’t knock til you try. Best show ever). I ran with my running club, called the sushi place on the way home, picked up the sushi, then went to pick up NG. We managed to cram 2 episodes in before falling asleep.

Thursday we ate too much food. Were planning on going drinking with my coworker who just broke up w/her bf, but we were so fat and full, the most we could do is go back home and watch So You Think You Can Dance finale (for the record, totally rigged).

Friday was movie night. Again, ate more food (this time scrumptious southern food), then went to see Stardust. Stardust was not bad. Not great, but entertaining. We snuck into Rush Hour 3 which was basically one of the dumbest movies I’ve seen in the past 5 years. I fell asleep.

Saturday we went to the San Mateo county fair with a bunch of friends and had a great time. I love county fairs. Again, we ate tons of food. NG won me all sorts of stuffed animals, included this huge stuffed pig pillow that i really really wanted. He was so determined to get it for me, that he was funding my other friends’ games in hopes that they could win the prize. We got the piggy. I love it. I also got a cow and a little curious george…and a weird bobble head toy. After, we went to the horse track (won $13.50) and then to Sushi Sam’s. Ended up passed out with the entire gang over at our house, watching another stupid movie, Shooter.

Sunday we ate a huge brunch at a restaurant down the street. After taking a nap, we decided to go to the museum to see one of my favorite photographers–Hiroshi Sugimoto. Awesome exhibit. Since we were in the neighborhood, we decided to go to my favorite bookstore–Green Apple books, and then ended up at Spices II eating yet again. Spices II is serious chinese food not for the faint of heart. Among the things we ate: pigs ear, liver soup, and sauteed intestines. YUM.

All in all, not much else to report except that it went well and I had a good time, etc etc etc. I’m not going to think too hard about it though, just let it be what it is.


This weekend: I’m going to vegas for a bachelorette party. I’m both dreading and looking forward to it. Someone told me that a good test of my feelings for NG would be to kiss someone else. Others have told me that is crossing the line. Either I will be totally tempted, totally turned off, or tempted, give in, then regret it. I can’t say I feel decidedly one way or the other . I guess we’ll just have to see what happens.

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