strange friendships

Ive realized that pretty much every friend ive met while in sf and have had a true, deep, meaningful relationship with–has been w/a guy.

Most recently, my relationship w/my coworker, DJ, has developed on a whole other level. One non-sarcastic convo led to me hanging out w/him on Sunday in a non-work setting, led to this crazy long lunch/heart to heart, led to him telling me he was going to have surgery this weekend, led to me offering to come over and hang out with him this weekend while he recuperated.

It was all so awkward and fast and natural–the way our friendship developed, that is. Im relieved though. Relieved in the sense that we’ve gotton past that fakey coworker interface. Not that we ever really had that the way i have w/most other people at work or in life (he told me he felt comfortable w/me the first day he met me, and that he bets everyone in the office is so confused by his transformation from quiet guy who works in the corner, to chatty laughing guy who wont shut up whenever Im around), but its a relief to know we are on the same page here, and both want a real friendship, not one that ends at 5:30pm.

After I got home from work last night, I sent him an email reiterating that if he wanted to call me for whatever reason (his friends were being flaky w/the whole picking him up and staying w/him after surgery thing), Id be there. Its all so awkward and weird being that we are essentially coworkers, boy/girl, and have only known each other for 2 weeks, but at the same time, its strangely familiar and comforting.

Maybe we are just both really excited to have a new person to share our similar lives with. Maybe this will phase out after the initial burst of enthusiasm. I dont think it will. I think I was right about the chemistry. Just as there are diff types of love, so are there diff. types of chemistry. I know I dont want to date him. Im 99% sure the feeling is mutual. But we def. have that rare partners in crime type connection.

As they say, I think this is the beginning of a beautiful relationship.
“Just friends,” of course.

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