Starting Anew


Well here we are again. Then end of another year, which, like most of the holiday season, I find depressing.  I hate unintentionally coming up with new resolutions that I can fail at the rest of the year because really they never ever change: every year I just want to be a slightly better version of myself, a slightly less stressed, more carefree, more spontaneous,  less gluttonous,  less ocd version of myself. The kind of resolutions that take longer than the passing of one day into the next. And yet for some reason today seems to carry so much more weight than all the other days of the year.

We will be the starting off this year with a lot of changes, the big one being that we are moving to South Korea in January. The past month was spent packing up our lives,  getting rid of tons of stuff,  and *finally* getting around to all those house renovations that we will never get to enjoy.

Moving abroad, letting go of “stuff”, turning older,  a new year looming —  it’s been a recipe for introspection,  sometimes welcome,  sometimes not. I have a lot more to say on this, and a of course a ton more photos, but I’ll save the trip down the rabbit hole for another day.

As for our new year’s plans: today we are planning on buying a crap load of fireworks that we’ll blow up in the street with fellow pyro neighbors watching in lawn chairs. We’ll drink the champagne we couldn’t take with us overseas and ring in the new year with friends and family – Texas style. A simple and welcome celebration of a new year.

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