Soaking it all in

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Today started off cloudy and chilly.  Sly and I had breakfast at our local diner then lounged around the house playing with the kitties until we decided the weather was just too nice to stay indoors. We didn’t feel like shopping.  We had just stuffed ourselves with breakfast.  And we didn’t feel like doing anything too active.

So off to the winery we went. Just a 20 minute drive from our house and it was as if we were in another world. The sun was shining, music was playing,  horses were galloping..and us? We were boozing it up on local Virginia wine which is probably the most underrated wine in the world. After a wine tasting, we bought a couple glasses of wine and lounged outside on a picnic table,  soaking in as much sun as possible,  reliving our wedding day (bc the winery sort of reminded us of our wedding location), and maybe getting just a bit tipsy on wine. Nothing like a little sun and wine to feel rejuvenated again.

Plus, we figured we better enjoy every last second of it while we could because it’s supposed to snow (again!) next week.

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