so melodramatic

well, he called. we’re ok. sometimes he gets moody, and not that I’m making excuses, but it would be hard to be him i guess. never said it was easy to date me. he had been drinking the night before, and so prob a combination of not hearing from me as frequently as he’s used to, plus boozy, plus not enough sleep, plus workweek stress…who knows. When he IMed me, i thought he had made up his mind–albeit out of the blue. But in his head, he was just telling me how he had been feeling, and was wanting to talk about it.

As the canadian says, men are from mars, women are from venus…or in this case, vice versa.

NG is coming to visit this wed. We’ll take it from there.


In other news — my friend and I partially joined the USF gym because of its nice lap pool. It is weird to be back in a college-ish environment–makes me feel both old and young, i guess. We were both reminiscing today about school–how we never went to the awesome gym(s) at our schools. Sigh. College. At any rate, my friend is single, and she keeps saying that this year she is going to go on A date. Maybe this could be an interesting venue, although so far, what I’ve seen at the USF gym has been so so.

#1 — boy at front desk: prognosis=gay
#2 — boy checking IDs: seemed bored out of his mind, and probably should take part in some of the gym’s activities rather than sit at the desk all day. mean. But like men arent just as cruel.
#3 — lifeguard: kind of cute actually, but kind of young. He thought my friend was drowning, which was kind of funny, and asked me if she was ok. Hmmm…
#4 — guy who swam in our lane after we got out: nice frat boy type. seemed friendly, but potentially not good looking but swam well. I didn’t get a good look–but he was very nice.
#5 — guys in weight room: mmmm…yeah, no. typical meathead fratboys w/sleeveless shirts and baseball caps turned backwards. why do guys wear baseball caps to the gym?

Other sidenote:
I’ve been running w/the nike running club every wednesday w/Giselle and a few work recruits. its actually been fun. the crowd is composed of mostly women, however. I did meet a nice gay dude though…very chatty. Oh oh, and one guy i forgot about–i was staring off in the distance,eyes glancing around the room absentmindedly, and this dude w/shaggy hair thought I was staring at him. He smiled at me and walked towards me. When i realized what was happening, I panicked, contemplated smiling back (???), but then quickly turned my back to him, and started talking to Giselle. It was extremely awkward.

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