snapshots from the weekend

Lazy Saturday on the deck with my babies #caturday #catsofinstagramkorea after dark

It was supposed to rain all weekend as a the edges of a hurricane passed through our area. While driving home on Friday, I witnessed three accidents on the road just moments after they occurred. Apparently rain makes already bad drivers in already bad traffic super crazy.

By Saturday morning the rain had disappeared and it was perfectly sunny and slightly cool like Spring. We were up early to attend the REI garage sale where I found THE exact pair of hiking boots I have been eying for months for 1/3 retail price. Afterward, we grabbed coffee, loaded up on fruits and veggies at Costco, then spent the afternoon hanging out on our deck with our kitties.

In the evening we met up with some friends at an Asia After Dark event at the Freer Sackler Gallery. The theme was “Korean Soul Train” The invite encouraged costumes. Naturally, I got dressed up in my best 70s bell bottoms and platform clogs. Naturally, nobody else did. A couple plastic glasses of wine later, it didn’t matter.

We ditched the party and headed out to Georgetown, first for a late meal at a tiny restaurant, and then to a chi chi bar where I felt like the hippie crashing a tea party. People stared and they stared hard. We drank even more, and then may have made fun of all prepsters wearing red trousers with Vineyard Vines belts. It being Georgetown, there were a lot of those.

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