Today was DJ’s first day back at work after surgery. Things were a bit awkward simply b/c we have had a lot of deep conversations outside of work while he has been recuperating at home, and I havent seen him in a week, etc, and its just weird. Plus I had all these dorky little gifts for him, and he had really sweet little gifts for me, and it was so gaywaddy I could barf.

After the initial weirdness, we were back to our sarcastic selves. Our lunch consisted of walking to jamba juice, buying the largest size drink we could find, and then spending the remainder of our lunch hour walking all along the embarcadero.

We stayed late–or should I say, I had to stay late again to finish up my project for Monday. DJ stayed with me. It was cool though–kind of felt like old times–like how things were back in school when you bond with someone over millions of late nights together. This sort of had that feeling. We were both a little delirious and were laughing hsyterically and cussing up a storm and being complete belligerent asses.

To celebrate the end of the week, and DJs return, we decided to go somewhere ridiculous–so we went to Fishermans Wharf. Most people who live in SF will go to great lengths to dismiss and put down the Wharf b/c its such a tourist hotspot. Whatever, I appreciate it as a tourist attraction, but I still really like it for some weird reason. DJ suggested Rainforest cafe as a nondescript restaurant that tourists go to, so thats where we went. It was my first time to go to a Rainforest cafe chain and, while i know it sounds pathetic, I really *liked* it…i was kind of like a kid in a candy store, which was a little embarrassing. At one point, i realized i was standing in place, looking all around, up at the ceiling, etc, w/my mouth agape, and my eyes huge like saucers. When the rainstorm happened, and the elephants did their thing–man I was so excited. Naturally, DJ found this very amusing.

He actually paid for dinner and drinks. Why, I dont know. Then as his *reward,* I insisted we take pictures in the photobooth. My lord! Ive seen some ugly pictures in my life, but this was a whole new level. DJ was more or less in shock. I think he spent a good 10 minutes buckled over in laughter, unable to believe how ugly I can make myself look.

The rest of the night, we just wandered around with no real plan. First to Ghiradelli, then to North Beach. We stopped and had drinks at a cute little cafe, and then we walked around the financial district, to market, and finally caught cabs back to our respective houses.

While we had many discussions about exes and friendships, and how weird the whole Ziggy mentality is/was (i.e. the friend breakup), DJ also slipped in a few things like, “normally, I would say you are beautiful, but this picture is horrendous,” or “those people are probably staring at us and wondering what the hell is she doing with him?” My sarcastic response to that was, “Yeah, theyre probably wondering if he’s breaking up with her.” And DJ responded, “Actually, it would be quite the opposite.”

All harmless, right? Just friends, right? Im pretty sure thats all there is on his part. I mean we do work together and all. Wouldnt want to have another friend breakup on my hands.

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